Thursday, 9 March 2017

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Finding out I was going to be a bridesmaid was such an amazing feeling. Mostly because it meant that I could contribute to the best day of my friends life but I have to admit one of the thoughts that instantly rushed through my mind was, of course, the bridesmaid dress. Thankfully my friend has amazing taste so I have no doubt that I will be wearing an amazing bridesmaid dress come her wedding day but you can’t help but start to browse the web for different styles and colours. I recently came across who seem to have an amazing variety to suit all styles, from plus size bridesmaid dresses to short and long bridesmaid dresses they literally have everything. They also cater for other events like special occasion dresses as well as wedding party dresses for guests. So I have decided to share with you a few styles that I have personally fallen in love with since starting my bridesmaid journey.

Firstly it is clear today that people are starting to deviate away from the traditional bridesmaid dresses and venturing towards more exciting styles. One trend I am loving at the moment is having different dresses for each bridesmaid whether it be a different style of dress or a slightly different tone in colour I love this idea as it shows each bridesmaid as completely unique but still unifies them as the wedding party.

Lace has always been at the top of the ‘wedding day criteria’ when it comes to dresses, hats, table settings, even shoes! It is simply timeless and adding a bit of lace can transform a dress from looking dull to looking absolutely fabulous. Lace bridesmaid dresses therefore are my next ‘go to’ style. Since the Royal Wedding I have often seen both wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with high neck lace which always looks so delicate and simply beautiful.

My Final ‘ go to style’ is the short bridesmaid dress, ideal for summer weddings or even weddings abroad. Short bridesmaid dresses traditionally used to look extremely boring or primarily kept for flower girls. However today there seems to be such a wide variety of short bridesmaid dresses that it can cater to everyone’s taste!

TIP: having the same dresses but different shoes helps to maintain an aspect of uniqueness.

Hopefully this post has been helpful in starting to think about the many MANY options when it comes to the world of bridesmaid dresses. I hope you enjoy the rest of your bridesmaid journey!
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